It's A Date | Andy Warhol at the GRAM




Thanks for your sweet response to this new series of taking you with on our dates. I hope that they serve as some kind of inspiration to you to explore something new with one of your faves.

This time around, Doug and I went to the Andy Warhol exhibition in the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM). We both really enjoy art and were excited to take in some of this iconic work.

I loved reading more about Warhol and getting lost in the gallery of his work. He was considered a bit of a rebel during his life as an artist...he was clearly ahead of his time in so many ways. The use of color to bring such vibrancy to his pieces is now some of the most recognizable art of all time. I appreciate that he created powerful expressions out of ordinary things (like a can of Campbell's soup). He brought about the pop art movement and creatively mixed his affinity for illustration, celeb culture, advertising, and photography.


After going through the rest of the museum, we of course stopped at the GRAM gift shop (which have you been there before? They always have the cutest, unique items). We found some goodies for Christmas and then made our way to Schnitz Deli for lunch=YUM. 

Make a date and go wander. If you are interested in some Andy Warhol-ness, it's at the GRAM until February 11. Thanks to Experience GR for sending us! 

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