It's A Date | Ando Sushi + Bar (Round 2)


Round 2 of date night at this yummy spot.


I teamed up with Ando again to try out their new patio on date night with Mr. Handsome. Will definitely be returning for some it's-the-end-of-summer-as-we-know-it / it's-fall-y'all cocktails (hi dragonfruit). It was so relaxing to enjoy some food together while we watched the world go by. Aaaand the chairs are orange which I am HERE FOR. 

One of my favorite parts of date night is the variety of what we end up talking about. Doug is sweet and often brings up what our dreams are...for our careers, week, even future. While we spent some time on this topic, we also discussed the upcoming NBA season and dry shampoo so not all serious, clearly :)

Friends-let this post serve as a reminder to do date night. Know that it isn't coming from a lofty place, I need the reminder as well. Life is full so carving out the time for these outings often gets pushed to the side. So, get date night on the calendar. And it doesn't have to be with your partner or significant could be with a friend that could use a night out, A Grandparent you need to catch up with, or that co-worker you have been meaning to chat with outside of the office. In a world of constant communication but less connection these intentional spaces of time become even more important. Where are some of your favorite date night activities? 

A few notes about the fare we ordered: 

  • The ramen is insanely good. If you are a fan of ramen at all, this is the place to get it. Make sure to add the egg-delish.

  • If you're going for a shareable appetizer, go for the gyoza which are their dumplings. We got one steamed and one fried and both are delicious in their own right.

  • Dougie really loved the pad thai which is a nice combo of stir fried noodles, peanuts, cilantro, and sprouts. He also added chicken as his protein which was a nice finishing touch.

  • You can't go wrong with their variety of cocktails but we ordered the Love You Oolong Time and Dragon Fruit Collins. The LYOT is made up of rhubarb oolong tea, cognac lemon, and sparkling cava. The Dragon Fruit Collins is a refreshing one with Gray Skies vodka, dragonfruit, lime, and soda.

Make the patio at Ando your next date night destination. With this weather that can't make up it's mind, it's the perfect time to enjoy all the patios at our fingertips!

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I partnered with the fine folks at Ando Sushi + Bar for this post but all thoughts and content are my own.