Inspire To Give: Kristin

How a simple act represents happiness and hope...

Lucy's Inspired is lovingly curated by Lucy Farmer who is a interior and jewelry designer. She carries great accessories centered around the concept of wearing one and sharing one. 

They sent me some of the sweetest product from their Inspire to Give series. One of my favorites is a set of two prism necklaces. Her goal is that you will wear one and then share the other with someone that inspires you. The soul of it is to spread happiness and hope through this simple gesture. 

"We want you to inspire those around you, whether they are a dear friend or someone you've just met that sparks something within you."


I decided to give the other prism necklace to my friend Kristin. I met her when I started blogging as she unintentionally motivated its actual launch. I had the site set up and first post ready to go but couldn't bring myself to post it. I started playing the comparison game (hard, like for keeps) and getting stuck in the vortex of "I have nothing unique to share." It was this weird mix of being annoyed with myself for not wanting to share what I had been developing along with fear that the universe just didn't need another blogger. 

To distract my mind I was scrolling through Instagram's "magnifying glass" and came upon a picture of a quote that said:

Sometimes it's more like a quiet voice that sidles up next to you and says 'begin'. 

It was Kristin's Instagram account. Now that I know her, it make so much sense why she would be posting something encouraging like that. The quote brought me back to why I was starting the blog in the first place. How there was this voice telling me that I needed to have a creative outlet...a safe place to land and just write about the world or my life. Inspired, I launched the blog that day.

I always wanted to thank Kristin for giving me the push that I needed that day. I reached out to let her know that she had inspired my beginning and asked if I could take her to coffee as a thank you. Over vanilla lattes, we shared about life, our dreams, struggles...and we laughed. A lot. 

Kristin has a really beautiful presence. Her sweet spirit is both authentic and honest. I'm inspired by her heart and choice to live intentionally. If you're lucky, God will send a friend you can share a good laugh/GIF/taco/moment/Pinterest post/cry/photoshoot with. It's humbling to say the least. 

I'm grateful that the conversation that started in a coffeeshop between two strangers continues, and has grown into a meaningful friendship...truly grateful. 



Thanks to Tyler from Wendling & Boyd and Joanna from Carpe Corde for the photography (and Kherington from The Kierra Quinn for the moral support). 

Thanks to Lucy's Inspired for sending the #inspiretogive necklaces. I love the heart of your business. 

Thanks to Kristin Jones for doing a shoot with me and being a poetic noble land mermaid (Parks and Rec/Leslie and Ann are everything.).