Can you believe that it's already February? I both can and cannot (have any of you seen that SNL "I Can't..." skit? Watch it here if you haven't for a good laugh). CAN in terms of January felt like a really long month, CANNOT considering it feels like Christmas was yesterday. Time continues to fly. So many people have shared the thought that as you get older time seems to go faster. I think that is 100% the case...which is a perfect introduction for February/#iamlovingme. 

My friend Lexi from In The Hutch, conceptualized a beautiful idea for this month. She is focusing on self care in her own life and thought she would spread the love. She challenged fellow bloggers and creatives to post an Instagram story throughout February "that captures how we have practiced self care for that day." Her hope was that we could encourage and motivate each other through our posts. I love the idea of all of these women focusing on this together and sharing the experience. It isn't surprising that Lexi would come up with something like this...she has the most calming, sweet energy. When you meet her, you feel heard and I think that is such a gift. So, it makes sense she would facilitate something that encourages each other in the act of self care.

Her message was a welcomed idea. I think it's so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life. It's a go-to response (How are you? Busy.), feeling (I have been so busy all day...), and mask (I can't do _______, I'm too busy). Knowing that, I love that the concept of self care encourages you to slow down and take care of yourself, even if it's something really simple. I know that I am often guilty of allowing my busyness (whether it's perceived or reality) to dictate whether or not I do something. There is such importance in finding balance that allows you to maintain commitments to family/friends, career, etc. while making sure you are taking care of your mind, body, spirit, and soul (so you can show up for those other important pieces of life). 

You can't pour from an empty cup.

Let's be real: if we take even a few minutes a day to pull together our thoughts (or our s&!*, depending on the type of day) we will be better people, wives, citizens, friends, mamas, executives, coaches, consultants, scientists, owners...women. I love the quote, "you can't pour from an empty cup." It is a simple reminder to make sure what you are giving to the people in your life and the world comes from a place of calm and fulfillment. 

So make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram stories and the hashtag #iamlovingme to follow along on our self care journey. Maybe you will get an idea or two for your own practice of loving yo' self so you can love others, well. Happy February loves!