At Home Treat Yo' Self With Grace & Stella


Time for some treat yo' self spa time at home...

One of my favorite memories is when Doug created an at home spa for me. I was a ball of stress from a few demanding months at work and he suggested going to a spa to decompress. I complain whined that I didn't have the time to do that. Fast forward a few days to me walking in the door to find a spa that he had set up complete with relaxing spa music and aromatherapy lotions. I immediately burst into tears as he welcomed me to the spa and offered me a water. 

                      Doug's at home spa. He's a dreamboat...

Since then, I have intentionally tried to find ways to insert simple decadence at home. It's often something really easy but it's nice to relax in your own environment. One of my favorites in this arena is a bath. Throw on some Pandora, grab the latest Real Simple, and get your relaxing on. It's a great and inexpensive way to bring the ambiance of the spa to your own bathroom.

For this sacred (and sometimes rare) time, my new obsession is Pink Himalayan Bath Salts from Grace & Stella. They also believe in the importance of pampering yourself which is reflected in their quality beauty and skincare lines. This product in particular has been a dreamy addition to my ritual. The bath salts are 100% natural and full of nutrients that are absorbed into your skin. It's been a welcome relief to sore muscles and long weeks.

Grace & Stella share how to best utilize the healing properties of this product: 

  • Fill your bath tub with 3 inches of warm water 
  • Add the bath salts
  • Finish filling the tub with very warm water
  • Soak for 20-30 minutes
  • Don't rinse! Air dry or gently pat skin

Make sure to check out Grace & Stella (and their drool-worthy packaging). 

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*I worked with the team at Grace & Stella on this post but all content and opinions are my own.