Floral + Velvet Are A Girl's Best Friend

A good floral pattern and a velvet duster? Game on.

This mustard yellow duster continues to be one of my favorite items in my closet. Dressed up or down it’s the perfect punctuation mark on an outfit that needs some sass. I was hesitant to buy it just wondering if I would use it but I have been pleasantly surprised how much I reach for it even for an ‘everyday’ outfit. It’s gone over dresses, jumpsuits, and also more casual options like this floral shirt and jeans.

The floral shirt is an Atlantic-Pacific x Nordstrom find. I loved the vibrant floral pattern set on a background of black. The yellow tone of the duster pulls out all of these great swatches from the shirt…a match made in fashion, colorful heaven.

What’s a piece in your closet that made you pause but has been a pleasant surprise for you?

Duster: Free People (I bought mine last year but you can find this year’s versions here and here)
Floral Shirt: Atlantic Pacific x Nordstrom
Jeans: Gap Skimmers
Boots: Aldo