Doug aka Mr. Handsome recently turned 29!

He said it was one of the first birthdays he really noticed the 'number he was turning' and didn't love it ;)To celebrate, we spent the day in South Haven together. I loved being able to wander with him, hear about his hopes for the next year, and take in the charm of small, lake town life. It's tough to beat Michigan, in the summer, by the lake, while eating shaved ice. 

That night, I spent a lot of time thinking about who Doug is as a person both to me and everyone around him. There's a lot of good stuff that has been developed over the last 29 years. As a person, he's waaaay more controlled/patient than me...charming, kind, and can untangle a necklace like a champ. Sidenote: I believe this is a literal skill people should be able to include on their resume. Sometimes I stare at my necklaces convinced you need to have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering to untangle them. 

I'm blessed y'all. Not trying to be braggy, just humbled by the heart of this man. 


  • Like the fact that I once walked in the house to the sound of waves and tropical music...I was 'Chicago wintered-out' so he set up beach chairs in our living room with sand to put our feet in and spotlights to make it feel like sunshine. 
  • Like the fact that he does what is the right thing even when it's the long route or uncool or difficult.
  • Like the fact that everyday he makes me feel beautiful even when my hair is a wreck and my outfit is a oversized t-shirt and pajama shorts.
  • Like the fact that he intentionally prays for our family and friends for anything from a tough day to a major life decision. 
  • Like the fact that he will graciously do things he doesn't necessarily want to if he thinks I will enjoy it (aka yes, Ashley I would love to run errands with you). 
  • Like the fact that he gave my single girlfriends roses on Valentine's Day so that they would understand how significant and loved they were regardless of being in a relationship.
  • Like the fact that he gently leads me while allowing me to embrace being a woman with an independent streak. 
  • Like the fact that he plays hide and seek with my nephews and has just as much fun as they do. 
  • Like the fact that when some of our friends were graduating from college he wanted to give them a Bible that was marked with verses that he has found meaningful in his own life. 
  • Like the fact that I once asked him what his favorite outfit is that girls can wear and he said "jeans and a top...actually whatever makes them comfortable."
  • Like the fact that he drove from Chicago to Michigan one night to take my BFF on a 'date' when she also couldn't go on a spring break trip with our group of friends.

Here's to 29 sweet boy. You are my greatest adventure.