Douglas is 30!


He kept saying he was celebrating his second annual 29th birthday...

It was Doug's birthday a few days ago! Truly, I could not be more humbled that I get to do life with this handsome guy. Each day he makes the world a happier, sweeter place for everyone around him.


In honor of his 30th, I thought I would share 30 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT DOUGIE:

1. His sense of he uses it to entertain people, make them feel more comfortable, or connect.

2. When he reaches out in his sleep to hold my hand.

3. His graciousness and patience when taking photos for my blog, posing for things, waiting to eat his sounds silly and maybe even trite but has a deeper meaning to him which makes me feel so humbled. On one occasion I thanked him and he said, "If something helps you enjoy what you're doing or grow your creativity I'm happy to do whatever I can." TEARS.

4. His laugh when he finds something really's real and loud and cheerful. Heartwarming would be an understatement.

5. How he revels in the little things that pass right by others. He's such a content being. 

6. How in his prayers he always says "bless this food and please bless the hands that prepared it."

7. The fact that he calls little Paisley "Mama" which just might be the cutest nickname ever. 

8. In college when he showed up on Valentine's Day with flowers for me and for my friends who weren't dating anyone at the time. How he hugged each of them and told them they were loved.  

9. Watching him play with his nephews and niece who he adores. He is going to be the best dad.

10. The poems he has written me since we were dating (which are all safely tucked away in my Doug box).

11. How he is such a kiddo at heart and in spirit-loves candy, enjoys apple juice and chocolate milk, loves waterparks, hates meanies.

12. His tireless work ethic. Seriously. When we were all being irresponsible and Spring Break-ing he was working/interning which speaks volumes to who he is.

13. That he is such a snugglecuddle bug. 

14. How he always supports my dreams and encourages me to chase them down. He makes me feel empowered and inspired.

15. The deep care for his family and friends. He can be much more considerate than me to be honest...he exhibits the characteristics of love in such a grounded way. He would do anything for them.

16. How he shows leadership and character but allows me to lean in to my independent streak. How he values the rights and unique characteristics of women while still treating them like a true gentlemen.

17. When he initiates impromptu dance parties to celebrate, distract, or because "it's a Thursday and I love you" (that was his most recent reason).

18. The way he falls in love with random songs from any genre and then listens to them over and over (cue: Bang Bang by Jessie J, Africa by Toto, Numb/Encore by Linkin Park & Jay-Z).

19. His generous spirit...for those that are hurting, the people in his life, strangers, his patients. 

20. How he maintains being a man of convictions while remaining open to the opinions of others. 

21. The fact that he is a person of balance: he enjoys anything from a in-depth discussion to a silly comedy movie to sporting events to technology. 

22. His respect for and treatment of all women. 

23. The animated way that he tells a story...lots of details, even more hand gestures, and always a good punchline after his observational humor. 

24. His love for the oldies. He probably couldn't name a single Cardi B song, but can rock most oldies for you without a thought.

25. The structure that he likes inserted into his schedule-how he sits down on Sunday night to get his 'wits about him' for the upcoming week. How he checks in with me to figure out what my week looks like too.

26. The fact that he has 100% done more ironing than me over the course of our marriage. Know your strengths friends #terribleatironing 

27. His thoughtful, sometimes analytical perspective to counter my emotional, sometimes disheveled mind patterns. 

28. How when we argue he makes efforts to hold hands so that even if we are angry we are still connected. 

29. His genuine nature...happy spirit...kind heart. 

30. How after all these years of dating, marriage, peaks and pits of life...he still makes me feel like the most valued, seen, respected, loved person every single day.

Happy Birthday sweet boy. To love and be loved by you is my life's most profound experience. Home is whenever I'm with you.