Doug & Ashley Take Atlanta


ATL you have my heart.

At a recent photoshoot we were talking about the Kardashian universe. We were all different levels of Kardashi-nterested but it reminded me of all their spin-offs. So, this post gets the aptly titled name. PS-regardless of what you feel about their family Kris Jenner is a marketing genius. She should be doing workshops. Whether you love or hat them, their name is known and they all.are.everywhere. Marketing side bar over. 

We loved Atlanta. It's such a special place for uncle and aunt used to live there so some of my first memories are rooted in that city. I loved being able to go back and experience ATL in all it's glory. In case you are curious or planning a trip there, I wanted to share some of our favorite parts/tips (one of which was the Ponce City Market but that bad boy needs its own post). 

There is a little plaza of touristy fun in the heart of the downtown area. From the World of Coca Cola to the famous aquarium, this is a place where you can get a lot of Atlanta bang for your buck. Across the street from both is Centennial Olympic Park-wander over there for the dancing fountain show or take a bench break in their peaceful Olympic tribute area.

Tip: Parking for the World of Coca Cola is just $10 with no time limit. It parks you in a fairly central spot so take advantage of it! 

Located a bit north of the city in Alpharetta sits the beautiful Avalon. Chuck full of great shopping and cute spots to dine al fresco, this is the perfect place to spend an evening of your trip. We ate an early dinner at Bocado Burger (delish) and then wandered the plaza with some Jeni's ice cream.

Tip: If you're looking for an Instagram-worthy spot to snap a photo, there is a beautiful greens wall at one end of the plaza. It's located on the back of a building across from the Anthropologie.

There is so much rich history in the city. Martin Luther King, Jr. is from there and you can feel his legacy scattered throughout. We stopped by MLK's childhood home which is up the street from Ebenezer Church where he first preached along side his father. When we were there I paused to touch the brick and the as much as I could soak up the spirit of the place. It's humbling to walk the streets that formed such an important figure in history. 

Tip: Ebenezer is still a functioning church. They have a small parking lot in the back of the building. If you have the time, park there for a few minutes and go around the front of the church. There are plaques to read with more information. 

We stopped in this area for brunch on our first day in Atlanta. It was the perfect haven after sitting on an airplane for a couple hours. We loved taking in the charming neighborhood and then enjoying some crepes in the lovely weather (you would have thought we hadn't seen sunshine in months...oh wait, we hadn't). If crepes aren't your jam, there are so many cute eateries and fun spots in this area.

Tip: If you're a savory person get the "Breakfasty One" which has locally cured ham and eggs in it. If you are more of a sweets person get the "Stewed Apples" which had tart granny smiths in a bath of cinnamon and other spices. 

Thanks for coming along for a piece of our Atlanta adventures...excited to share more with you about this adorable city.