Profile-Life Untangled/Dilaun

"Right now I don’t have the plan to answer all the questions at once. I’m just going to be honest and truthful to myself that with all these things to work through, my mental, physical, spiritual and relational health is key."


-My dear friend's name: Dilaun
-Her blog that you need to check out: Life Untangled
-Geography: Chicago
-Status: Empowering Boss Lady Professional
-Picture: I took that after work one day during our usual post-mortem session in the parking lot. It captures a lot about her and remains one of my favorite images.

The heart of what you need to know about Dilaun is that she is one of the coolest people you will ever meet. F'real. I have seen her own a room giving a professional presentation...have also witnessed her shut down a dance floor. She has a radio/podcast/books on tape kind of voice, great fashion sense, and contagious laugh. 

More importantly, she is a loyal friend and killer colleague. She has this great way of encouraging your continued development while genuinely appreciating who you are. Her introspection challenges you to consider a different way, ask the question, or find your voice. She has been a God-sent, calming presence for me in the face of stress, loss, and heartbreak. 


Her latest post entitled "Remember Why You Started" is a needed message. It spoke to my soul about the circular questions that pop up so often (at least for me): 

Who am I? What am I doing? What is my purpose? Wait, am I fulfilling that purpose? What path should I take for my career? Oh and seriously, how do people find the time to meditate daily and have a leisurely cup of coffee while I run out the door with a splashing mug in hand? 

She tackles this...the essence of discovering life and self. I felt like she articulated the struggle (and beauty) of us diving into these questions and searching for their answers. Like she does as a person, she got to the 'heart of the thing' with grace. 

For me, her post was full of Dilaun. There were numerous times when we worked together when we would all be spiraling and she would remind us to re-center our minds/bodies/hearts. I miss having that calming presence on a daily basis. The post holds the best contrasts in life... how to continue developing professionally, personally, spiritually while understanding where/who you are is a gift as well. Remaining open to change while welcoming an unknown but divine future. 


Trust me, you could use some Dilaun in your life. Check out her post here.