Hello, My Name Is Ashley


Mixer game anyone?

You're sitting at a conference or orientation and you hear the most dreaded words in the history of conferences and orientations, "It's time for a mixer game." If you're a socially extroverted butterfly THISWASYOURMOMENT. However, if you are a sweet introvert, this was probably a dreaded task. Anecdotes aside, let's pretend this is our mixer game (awkward nervousness/potentially scarring flashbacks not included).

I think the most impactful (and double bonus, efficient) way to get to know someone is to find out what they love. When you start to navigate through those pieces of a person, you are getting to the good stuff.  Here goes...

  • Jesus-His heart. His promises. His mission. How he gets to the root of who we are with grace. How he overcame this world to bind our hearts to a new one.

  • My husband Doug-officially dubbed Mr. Handsome by this girl (two thumbs pointing at me...Jim from the Office anyone?). He is my sanity…my home. (Perhaps biased), I believe he is perfectly balanced; equal parts intellect, sports enthusiast, and humor with a hint of adorable nerd. To provide a gauge he isn’t attending Comic Con every year, but he does own a full Batman costume which he breaks out when duty calls (like trick or treating with our nephews). He is my biggest encourager when it comes to chasing down my dreams whether they are big or small...the existence of this blog is a testament to that. To have someone know your soul who truly believes in the beauty of who God made you to be is a powerful thing.

  • Family/Friends-if you have a penchant for abbreviations you're probably saying "obvi" right now. But really, I am surrounded by some of the coolest and cutest (nephews and sweet niece I am referring to you) people that God put on this planet. They all inspire me daily to be more faithful, brave, creative, joyful.

  • Paisley Bell-our little cockapoo lovebug. She brings us a lot of laughter. I always said that if I got a dog they wouldn’t be wearing clothes or tagging along with me all the time. Enter little one=I take her everywhere it’s acceptable (solid errands buddy)/she has a nicely growing collection of clothing. I can’t help it, have you seen dog sweaters!?

Lightning round time. I reached out to a few friends and asked them to send me questions they would actually want to read about someone. Below are their brains at their finest.

  • Hobbies Quicklist: Photography, reading, shopping/fashion, traveling, music, sports, painting (attempting)

  • Guilty Pleasures: Chopped marathons on Food Network, boy bands

  • Geography: I am a Michigan girl through and through. We live in Grand Rapids, a beautiful city on the west side of the state (please imagine me pointing to this area on my hand like a true Michigander). If you have never been here, add to your vaca list and come visit!

  • Inspiration: John Williams pieces, my trip to Romania, Annie Leibovitz, Jo from Little Women (bonus answer-that’s my favorite book), I Corinthians 16:14, my parents, Jeremy Cowart, E.E. Cummings poetry, Anthropologie window displays, stories of people who refused to give up and/or were an underdog

  • Things That Make Me Laugh: Kevin Hart, videos of dogs or kids doing funny things

  • Things That Make Me Cry: Touching/inspirational commercials, when the sports team wins in the end, when they fall in love, "I got off the plane" #friends, adoption stories, a good book, Marley and Me aka SOBFEST.

  • Style Love: Kate Spade, any of the James Bonds, Blake Lively, Idris Elba, Lauren Conrad, Joanna Gaines, Coco Chanel, Tom Ford, Claire Underwood from House of Cards

  • Desert Island Foods: Steak tacos, Honeycrisp apples

  • Celebrity Crush: Rob Lowe

  • Coffee Date Dream List: Lin Manuel-Miranda, Steph Curry, Rosa Parks, C.S. Lewis, Malala Yousafzai

  • What Has Challenged You Recently: I came across a post the other day that said “Stop the glorification of busy.” Super striking. I am definitely in the habit of feeling/responding that I am busy. Maybe it’s just me, but feeling busy oddly gives me a strange satisfaction. It means that I am doing things, involved, on the go. It was a great reminder to be still and revel in peace.

  • Last 5 Emojis You Used: American flag, champagne bottle, winky face, plane, lightbulb

  • Netflix Queue: 13th, more ESPN 30 for 30, all the episodes of Parks and Recreation (for the 100th time...but, treat yo' self)

Okay friends, it’s your turn. Please take one (or more) of the questions above and answer about yourself. You can comment on this post, tweet at me, use it as your Instagram caption with a favorite photo...the options are endless y'all. I can’t wait to read about your loves/inspirations/emojis. Also, thanks for coming on this journey. I think it's going to be a good one.