A Summer With Hush Puppies | September

Haute with Hush Puppies is my slogan this summer.

We are looking at the end of September which means you need to know about the pair of Hush Puppies that I have been enjoying this month. The company has been around since 1958! Their focus is on creating products that are timeless, good quality, and comfortable...you had me at timeless.

Hush Puppies is now a global name that sells millions of shoes each year. They are one brand of Wolverine Worldwide which is based in Rockford, MI. Yas, Michigan yaaaaas (think Oprah voice...which fun fact: Oprah loves Hush Puppies)!

The company sent me the Annerley Clever shoes for September. They are perfect for transitioning into the heart of fall. The deep camel color is beautiful and pairs well with any colors that live in your closet. Check out how I styled them three different ways!


I wanted to wear these shoes with my field jacket (they're virtually the same color) so figured, when in Rome and found a field. Bonus=there were some really majestic horses in the field hanging out behind me. While I have a healthy fear of these guys (um, not crazy they're huge and super duper strong) it was fun to stand [a decent distance away] and watch them. But, back to the field jacket. Have written some decent love songs to this jacket so find myself in it often. Paired with some denim and the Hush Puppies and I was set for a day of errands with Mr. Handsome.


One of my go-tos for transitional weather is a dress paired with some kind of overcoat. For a day of coffeeshop work I wore this cream polka dot dress and black structured coat (aaand a hat but isn't that a given at this point?) These shoes bring a great element of menswear to this feminine, flowy dress. Pair them with your favorite dresses for an easy fall ensemble.


My latest obsession is FILLINTHEBLANK with some distressed denim. Tee shirt? Yep. Sweater? Yep. I found this cozy waffle cardigan at one of my fave stores in Michigan, Frances Jaye. I knotted it at the bottom for a different look but you could also wear it long for a slouchier look. Whenever I stop in there, I always find amazing pieces from unique jewelry to beautifully curated clothing. If you're curious about them, I chatted with their owner Jenny here. I thought their cardigan and some of my favorite distressed denim were a fun, casual look to match with the Hush Puppies. That's the great part of these shoes: you could easily dress them up for the office or wear them in a more relaxed look like this one.


For their versatility, comfort (foam in the bottom, stretch on the top of the foot), and yummy camel color: buy these. Your fall fashion game will thank you. Thanks to my husband, DW and Kristin Jones for the photos. XOXO.