24 Hours In Chicago


"Baby don't you wanna go...back to that same old place, sweet home Chicago."

Chicago will always hold a special spot in my heart. It's where Doug grew up, where we met, lived for 8 years, and is home to some of my favorite people in the world.

My bestie Jill and I did a quick road trip there this past winter and soaked up as much of the city as we could in 24 hours. I wanted to share some of our stops with you so that if you ever find yourself there, you have some ideas of where to go! 

Lunch at 3 Arts Club Cafe in Restoration Hardware
When we got into town we stopped at one of my favorites for lunch. It's such a beautiful dining experience. Nothing like sitting there and being able able to look up and see the sky. Add some coffee, tea, and a cheese board and we were happy gals. 

Retail Therapy at Alice & Wonder
One of my favorite boutiques in Chicago. The owner is the sweetest soul that has curated a beautiful collection of clothing and gift items. There's much to love about this little store on Webster: floral wallpaper, cute clothing, neon sign? I'M ALL IN.

Finding Treasures at Art Effect
A gem among the gems on Armitage. This place has everything from a sassy gift you need to the perfect clothing item. I love the little room tucked away off the main one that has little sections organized for your browsing. Ya know, like a whole spot dedicated to Mexican food/tacos. Bingo! 

Afternoon Cortado at C.C. Ferns
This haven is tucked away in the Humbolt Park neighborhood. Besides the amazing coffee, it's the coziest spot to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee or rock out a productive work session. The interior is a rustic blend of earthy elements and bohemian eclecticness. 

Gal's Night Out with Hamilton
We head back to our hotel for a quick break and to get ready and then made our way to CIBC Theatre for freaking Hamilton. Jill had never been but was a die hard album listener so I was so excited to share this experience with her. It was magical. We both laughed, cried, and unconsciously mouthed the words. Don't worry, we are each other's support system so there was a lot of hand holding #BFF

After a late night dinner at Italian Village and an Uber ride back to the hotel, we crashed. We left pretty early the next morning (100% listened to the Hamilton soundtrack the entire way home). 

That was our 24 hours in Chicago. So grateful for time with my sweet Jilly in the city where we met. All of these amazing spots are just a handful of the magic so let me know if you're headed there and need some suggestions. I know my friend Kate would understand wanting to share this special place...'sweet home Chicago...'