Maybe you don’t need ongoing help, you just need a good start.

If this is the case, my strategy session would be perfect for you! Step 1: Evaluate your current marketing efforts from top to bottom. Step 2: We meet to discuss, identify potential areas of growth, and create an implementation plan for you. Through this process we will lay out the dos, don’ts, and the that’s-great-keep-doing-thats. You will be left with a cohesive plan for how to go about conquering those social media giants in a way that represents your business.

Give me an idea of what we will be doing…

  • Full review of your current marketing strategies including website, social media, print, and advertising.

  • Identify areas of strength and low hanging fruit so you’re able to clearly pursue growth within each space.

  • Pinpoint your target audience, analyze your analytics, and identify pipeline.

  • Develop an action plan split into phases: immediate, pipeline, and future.

  • Receive a full creative brief to serve as a roadmap moving forward.

  • 3 or 6 month follow up connect to discuss the progress and tackle any pain points.